Exercise: How to Sharpen Your Sense of Rhythm

Abdul Qadir
3 min readOct 14, 2021

Regular exercise may be as intimidating and exhausting as any other physical activity. People quit on the slightest excuse and rejoin after sometime, and this continues for the rest of their lives. Exercise may be demanding for those who are new to it, and even for those who do it regularly. It takes self-discipline and effort to maintain a rhythm. The habit of regular exercise needs to be cultivated and nurtured like any other habit whose ultimate goal is to maintain a balance between the various “musts” and have-not-to-does in life. But, there is the rub. Boredom creeps in and people quit without further ado. As the time goes by, various have- to-does of life overcome the joy of taking some time off the normal routine of life.

How to overcome this unstoppable cat and mouse chase, and how to maintain your rhythm? experts have devised some ways for staying permanently focused and invigorated most of the time.

One way to maintain your regular rhythm is to bring variety to your routine. If you are playing some game, for instance, soccer or tennis, switch over to table tennis or cricket. Similarly, walking could be replaced with hiking or running. People who do strength training or lift weights can change to the treadmill or some other less exhausting and physically demanding workout. Working out with variable repetitions in a set may be helpful to divert the focus off the monotony and boredom of everyday routine. Stuart Phillips, director of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence at McMaster University and professor of kinesiology says that after and in-between these repetitions saying “Focus” to yourself will keep you on track and engaged for those 10 or 12 repetitions, and gradually becomes your second nature.

According to Kathleen Martin Ginis, professor of health and exercise sciences at the University of British Columbia, changing one’s setting is another way to avoid repetitive monotony in a regular course of events. If you are doing exercise inside, go outside. This will expose you to new sounds and smells, sunshine, and over and above, to an openness, ultimately helping in a positive way. She adds that it will prompt blue-sky-thinking, walking along the seaside or by the water, and it could impact a person’s overall mood and behavior.

A more effective way to stay tuned while following a daily training routine is changing the route of your daily drill. If you run, hike, or walk, changing the path may keep you enthusiastic and motivated. You may come across different sets of architecture, people and events during your workout. Your peripheral vision will experience different sort of images flying hurriedly past while you are striding forward. This new worldview will serve as a destination mark and will augment your excitement for achieving your utmost goal of a healthy and balanced life.

There are no rights and wrongs in devising your plan. Making a change will only culminate in oneness of your mind and body, and will help in reshaping your focus and interest in a boring daily workout.



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